Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 2

Created to Give Life


  1. to bring life to my home: fresh flowers, open windows, music playing, soft scents.
    to bring life to my children: encouraging words, extra affection, eye-to-eye 1-on-1 interaction.
    to bring life to my husband: loving words, praise, massage.
    to bring life to my sphere of influence: kind words, recognition, prayer.

  2. Mary:

    Today I gave life to my home preparing it for two small groups to fill it tomorrow. One in the morning and one in the evening.

    Today I gave life to my children through kisses, embraces, watching and laughing as they INTENTIONALLY fall, and praying for the healing of the tiniest of toes.

    Today I gave life to my husband through helping him text a client, filling his stomach and taking the time to listen

    Today I gave life to my sphere of influence by encouraging friends, giving someone the right of way, and offering to let someone go in front of me in the line at Target


    My fridge is clean, well the inside is. When I was finished I looked at it. I was tempted for a second to leave it like it was. It looked so clean, and white, and sparkling without anything inside. But what's the point of having a fridge? To keep your food fresh. A clean fridge with nothing inside may be beautiful, but it's not fulfilling it's purpose. It can be the same with us. If we always want to "keep up appearances" we can spend so much time and energy trying to appear to be something great and miss out on actually being used by God and fulfilling our purpose.

  3. Mary:
    -My home came alive w/visitors who played w/my son, my dog, and in rooms that don't get much attention. It also came alive w/the smell of a home-cooked dinner.
    -My children: Cooper got to stay up 2 hrs past naptime to play! Jude got a clean room and a free-pass on chores (w/hired help ;) Jessica & I realized we have the same stance on God, Daddy's ridiculousness re:church, and our wishes for Cooper's upbringing in the church. (HUGE!)
    -Sphere of influence: Hosted an impromptu playdate w/sweet friends. Served every customer w/kindness and appreciation. Stayed positive, as we continued to operate w/no electricity! Praising God it only took an hour for the crew to fix the blown power line!

    Martha: hammered & chiseled the frozen block of ice from the freezer. threw out 2 bags of garbage. scrubbed every inch. finished at 1:20am. exhausted.

    what a day!

  4. Mary
    My home: It needs PICTURES. Plans to order prints when I refill my spending account. :)

    My children: Interest in their interests. Answer more than Mhm. Umpire their pretend baseball games. Eye contact...with all 3.

    My husband: Pray for him. Remember to fulfill favors he asks of me.

    My sphere of influence: Pray when they come to mind. Touch base. "What can I do for you?"

    Cleaned my fridge for the first time in.......