Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 3

10 Ways To Give Life To Your Home


  1. Mary
    I should have read Day 3 this morning...before my tongue was graceless and harsh. It took me most of the day to right myself and correct my mood.

    I had one proud moment that probably wouldn't have happened before I started working on my perfectionism/control a couple of years ago. I've been allowing my 6 yr old to carry the baby. It makes him feel like a big kid, and he's so careful with her. And she's big enough now that I'm not as nervous. He tripped. He fell. He protected his sister. It scared her, and she cried, but she wasn't hurt. He looked at me with fear for just a moment...and I smiled. "Oops...I guess we should clean up in here." And he smiled.

    I haven't had time to talk to my hubby or kids today about how I can show them love in taking care of our home. But I will.

    My hurdle here was the feeling of "What does it matter if I clean them? They're so scratched up and ugly, you won't be able to tell anyway." But I set a goal. And by golly, I was gonna meet it. So I scrubbed...babe in arms. And in a few minutes when I finish my dinner, I'm dragging a chair over to reach the top of the fridge. GO MARTHA!!!

  2. I had planned to do it all. I even had the perfect tweet I was going to add to the picture of my sparkling clean kitchen before our small group came to the house last night. "A Kitchen Ready To Receive And To Give" Ready to receive guests and give nourishment. I didn't have that sparkling clean kitchen, but the shocker? My house was still a place to receive guests and to give nourishment! (Both physical nourishment and spiritual!)

  3. martha:
    i did the top of the fridge and half of the top of the cabinets. who knew you were supposed to clean up there? it was GROSS. i promise to finish them, later.

    speaking life into my family is a constant work in progress. i have to consciously and intentionally do so, especially bc we're talking about dave & jude here! but i think it's working. the mood is definitley better in my house, bc i'm leading by example. and i know we, as women, have the POWER to set the mood in our homes. AMEN?!

    dave feels most loved when i cook, at home. he loves the smell it brings into our home, and it's yumminess, of course ;) i didn't get a chance to ask jude, bc he's too busy chasing girls, but i will.

  4. my martha challenge was easy. my kids played *willingly* outside for a few hours while i worked on the cabinets and counters. i even had time to do the microwave and oven, getting a jumpstart on day 4.

    my husband feels love when i take care of things that he normally does- bringing in the trash/recycle bins, hanging up his clothes, replacing the TP, keep the pantry & fridge stocked with his favorites. Haile said she feel my love in my homemaking when i vacuum and mop the floors. she likes "clean, soft fluffy carpet and shiny tile" :)