Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 8

Overcoming The Curse


  1. Martha: drawers done.

    Mary: is anyone else reading Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts right now?
    i seriously am loving the way God is speaking to me exactly concerning my "circumstances" thru this #31Days challenge, Isaiah @ BSF, and reading One Thousand Gifts.
    i recently read in that book "God can be seen in the rearview mirror," which caused me to look in my "rearview mirror" of life and look for God in things i've been thru. He can't always be seen when you're facing something, but you better believe He's always there for you. always. just take a glance in your life rearview mirror and see where He held you up. i see His hands all over my life in every valley i pass thru, every mountain i face, every day "stuff." He's there helping me, stretching my faith and building my endurance every step of the way. He is so faithful!

  2. Martha - been doing this through telling MY Story on the blog. Glad to be finished. He has been and always will be faithful to work all thing to my good!

    Mary - done