Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 4

A Place To Put Your Feet Up


  1. martha:
    my hired help had already cleaned the microwave, and i started the inside of the oven door, but it was too hot! i had to cook dinner before leaving to work. so i'll add that to the "martha to-do list".

    i hosted my sweet friend, Christy and her boys, for the first time ever! (accomplishing a goal in my mission--a clean house provides opportunity to nurture relationships) we had brunch, sipped lattes, and emphasized and re-emphazied the importance of sharing.

    i realized that, since we don't host friends, often, Cooper hasn't had the opportunity to share his toys! *lightbulb moment*

    so, in order for Cooper to learn sharing, we'll have to keep the house clean, so that we can have friends over!

  2. martha: did it on Day 3 whooHOO! i can't handle a dirty microwave so it is usually pretty clean anyway. i did love her suggestion of steaming a bowl of water & lemon juice.

    mary: my door is always open. i invited a friend over next week, scheduled for our first day "off" of "school." can't think of a more perfect way to spend the day than with friends in the comfort of our home.

  3. Martha: On hold til my fingers heal

    Mary: I had lattes and brunch with Cindy Lu! The boys played well and we even literally "put our feet up" if only for a second to instagram a pic! <3 my friends! I don't know how I made it through life before. A year or two ago I had my family and lots of acquaintances, but no real friends. I've learned the value of nurturing and making time for those relationships recently.

  4. Martha: Microwave has been clean for a week or so now, and I had put the oven on self clean the other day, but I had NOT had time to manually clean my oven...or so I thought. I learned that clean does not equal new. Pushed aside my perfectionist tendencies and got it clean, leaving the tough spots to just "be". Took about 30 minutes, including the time to let the oven cleaner sit. Wiped it down after I finished my lunch and the kids were still eating. Revelation! This stuff doesn't take too much time if you're on it!

    Mary: Had a friend in town to stay with us this weekend. Got the house tidy and sanitary ;) but not perfect. Resisted apologizing for the imperfections. Focused on being relaxed and enjoying our time...and I really did! So much more peaceful than worrying about what someone is thinking when they walk through my door. Hopefully, they think more about being glad to see us than picking out the things I didn't get around to doing!