Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 5



  1. Martha: Still on hold

    Mary: my list was very similar to her's. I had some slight variations like ministry being above housework. Not because housework isn't important, but because even if the housework isn't done I can still serve and serve well.

  2. martha: done, and with a happy heart. i love to take down some of our curtains and let the natural light in this time of year :)

    mary: it's so easy for priorities to get out of whack. i like to re-evaluate my priorities regularly, but especially when i start to feel stressed out or overwhelmed. when i am stressed, it helps me to sit down and take a good hard look at my priorities, because usually i'll find that they are all mixed up!

  3. Martha: Blinds DONE! Started with a paper towel and cleaner and ended up just taking them all to the back porch to be hosed off. They weren't too dirty, but it was sooo much faster this way! Now they're outside drying. Insides of the windows are clean too! It doesn't look much different, but knowing how fast I can go is giving me a boost of energy!

    Mary: Did my priorities list and shared it with hubby. I totally copied her list of 6 but gave my own reasons and details. And, I kept Home as #4 above my gifts for this reason: I have found that if my house is clean enough (not clean, but clean enough), I am happier, more peaceful, and have more energy to be a better wife, mother, and friend. I feel freed up to be available to others. So the key for me is going to be *maintenance* so that keeping the house clean only takes a small amount of time a day.